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Floren Flowers was founded with a simple desire to create organic floral designs.

Starting as a Wedding and Events Company, Floren Flowers (formally know as Floren Studio) 

designed flowers for couples and events in and around Devon.

In 2020 we opened our first shop in Topsham Fore Street, then moved to Gandy Street in 2023

as we need more space and wanted to expand our weddings side, as well as open the shop to workshops.

 We create bouquets for everyday flowers, design funeral flowers and sell an array of luxury candles, plants, bespoke pots, vases, plant accessories and botanical prints.

Co-founder and Head Florist, Charlotte has over 17 years experience in Floristry,

training at Berkshire School of Agriculture.

"I always knew that I wanted to work in a creative industry and that I wouldn't be happy unless I was in a profession where I could be artistic everyday. My floristry career started when I was 20 and the idea of being a florist seemed to answer all my creative needs. Having started off in a small florist shop my love of flowers and design grew (as well as my obsession with tiny bowls and Buddhas) and I especially loved designing wedding flowers. Having worked in some breathtaking locations in London and surrounding areas, from private clubs to stately homes,  I moved to Devon for a change of lifestyle and want of living by the sea. Starting up Floren  enabled me to work with flowers all the time and opening our shop has been a highlight!"

Exeter Florist Flower Delivery
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