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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

One of the first questions we often get asked is 'how much do wedding flowers cost?" and while it is a question that has a many possible answers hopefully we can shed some light onto this grey area!

First things first, unless you have an unlimited pot of money for your wedding flowers then you will need to set a budget. It can be hard to figure out how much to set by but as a general rule it will typically be 10% of your whole wedding total. If you envision flowers to play a big role in your wedding it would be wise to set aside more. Once you have a budget in mind be sure to let your florist know in your inital meeting or email to them. As a florist it is one of the key details we need to know to ensure we can suggest designs in your budget.

Once you have your budget set it is important to find out how much that can get you and what factors will dictate how much they will cost you. It is important to remember that you are not just paying for the flowers themselves, a huge amount of work goes into creating those dream designs, from liaising with wholesalers on availability and costs, mechanics and installation frames so flowers can be created into those jaw dropping designs, staffing costs, insurance, costs of a vehicle ... the list goes on!

To make things easier for you we have a handy budget calculator with our most popular designs in, so you can have a play around with your budget. Otherwise here's some help from us...

What's the average spend for wedding flowers?

On average wedding flowers costs between £1,500 - £6,000+ depending on how much florals you want on the day. The best thing you can do is be honest and upfront with your florist on your budget for flowers. This way they can design something beautiful for you that sticks within your financial comfort zone.

What factors will affect the cost of flowers?

There are three main aspects that will affect the final price of your flowers. Your wedding date, the season and the floral order itself.

Your wedding date.

Flower prices increase around certain times of the year such as Valentines day and Christmas. If you are keen on red roses for your Valentines wedding be aware you could be paying up to 3 times more than what they normally cost. Between Christmas and New Year flower prices increase and availability goes down so you will be limited by selection. By trusting your florist's choice during this time will allow you to have a beautiful selection without going over your budget.


It is true that right now florists have more choice than ever when it comes to varieties of flowers. A lot of flowers are available all year round but there are still a lot of firm favourites that stick to their seasons. Peonies is one of those beautiful blooms that is actually only in season for three months between April-June. That season can also change by weeks depending on weather and other factors. However you will find that you can get Peonies out of season but they tend to be very expensive and a lower quality grade, so trusting your Florist will ensure you get the best blooms for that time of year!

Your flower order.

If you're thinking of a floral installation (such as an archway or hanging design) then expect to pay a little over the average as they can cost into the hundreds due to the artistry required and the work involved creating the design.

The number of guests you are inviting to your day will also have an impact on your floral order. All those guests need to be seated for your wedding breakfast meaning the number of tables that need flowers on will increase. If you have the budget to dress all the tables as you want then great! If you are struggling with decorating all your tables within your budget look at having an elaborate design and a simpler one and

alternate these designs throughout the tables. The overall effect will still look just as stunning and mean you may be able to have that floral archway as well!

If you have a limited budget stick to the main designs for your day - you can always add on extras nearer to your date if you feel you want too. Read our 'Tips For Your Wedding Flower Budget' for more ideas.

Delivery and Set Up Fees

Make sure you understand that you will need to factor in your florists delivery and set up fees. If you choose a florist that is further away from you, their delivery fees will be more. We charge a standard 64p per mile plus time, so ask your florist their delivery charges to find for more information.

Set up fees will be very dependent on the designs you are having for your day. Large installations can take at least 3+ hours and take 2-3 florists to set up which will increase your set up fees. These fees will not only pay for your florist to do their job but also so they can hire help to set up your wedding. Make sure you are aware of all these fees before you book your florist.

If you are having a small wedding with no designs needing to be set up on the day, your florist may give you the option of collecting the flowers the day before.


What can my budget get me?

The factors we have just mentioned will all affect price but these price brackets are a good guidance on what you can expect for different budgets.

Up to £1,000

Towards the higher end you will expect to get wedding party flowers such as bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, buttonholes and flower girl flowers as well as some simple decor for your reception and/or ceremony. This could include simple table decorations as well as florals for your ceremony. If you are seeking only wedding party flowers you should aim your budget around £500.


Alongside your wedding party flowers you can start looking at table centres as well as a bespoke installation for the ceremony or reception. Designs such as full archways, floral chandeliers and flower clouds are all possible!


For this price bracket you can afford to really push the boat out. Think about flowers 'growing from the ground' to line your ceremony aisle as well as more unusual designs such as Moongates and staircase flowers. Giant installations such as hanging flowers to stretch the length of your venue to create real flower magic may also be possible! You can also afford some of the extra details as well, such as chair and napkin flowers or buttonholes for every guest perhaps!


If your budget is endless then so can your list! For £7,000+ you are looking at really making a statement with your flowers and having a complete venue makeover!


Try out our handy budget calculator to help plan your wedding flowers and have a read of our 'Tips For Your Wedding Flower Budget'.

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