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When Should You Book Your Wedding Florist?

Updated: May 23, 2020

So you've just got engaged, celebrated with family and friends and are now starting to organise your day! Your mind will be racing with all the planning ahead of you, which wedding dress to pick, where shall we get married and perhaps when should we book our florist?!

Flowers play a vital part of any wedding by being able to add a personal touch to your day. Now obviously we may be slightly biased here but how often have you gone to a wedding with stunning florals and they had a lasting effect on you? Flowers have an amazing effect on people, evoking memories and bringing joy and happiness.

Securing your favourite supplier's way in advance of your day is a good idea to avoid any disappointment. For your florist you really want to book them at least a year in advance. Good florists can get booked up fast and some often only take on one a day. Looking at where we are now (in the midst of Covid-19) not only are couples still booking for next year but postponed couples are having to move their wedding to next year also. Now these are unprecedented times and things will gradually go back to some normality but it is worth thinking about getting your florist booked in advance. As we have all seen, we never know what is round the corner!

So here are some aspects of your wedding that you do and don't need to know before you get in touch with your ideal florist.

Wedding Florist Flowers Devon

You need to have your wedding date set

Having a 'range' of when you're getting married doesn't really work as you will waste your time talking to your prospective florist if you then find out the date you eventually choose is taken. As availability of flowers are also determined based on when your date is, it may also affect price and design if you jump in too early. Best to leave getting in touch until you have your wedding date booked.

You should have your wedding venue chosen

The designs you choose for your ceremony and reception will change depending on your chosen venue. Some venues will need more decorating than others. For example if you decide to have an outside ceremony you may be keen to have an archway to frame your vows whereas if you have a church wedding you will need a different style of design altogether such as pedestal and pew end designs.

It's ideal to have a general idea of what designs you want

Your florist will be able to advise you about what designs will look best at your wedding venue but it's also a good idea to know what type of design you like and want. This way your initial quote will be more in line with your final one. Look at what other couples have done at your chosen venue for inspiration as well as bridal magazines and Instagram. However if you have no idea then that's okay too. If this is your case let your florist guide you to suggest designs that fit in with your venue, budget and colour scheme.

Know your budget

Before you jump into the world of flowers it's a good idea to know what your budget is for flowers and what you would be willing to spend. This will help your florist be able to suggest what designs would be best to fit into your budget. You can always add on extra designs as you get nearer to your day if you find you want to spend more on your flowers

What you don't need to know...

You don't need to know quantities

It's very likely that you will book your florist without knowing exactly how many table centres or buttonholes that you need. You don't need to know these numbers until a few weeks before your day. We have a final meeting with our couples 4-6 weeks before the wedding date which is when we ask for a final confirmation of designs. So don't sweat it if you think you need to know all the details before you book your florist because you really don't.

You don't need to know squat about flowers

Don't know your peony from your rose? Don't fret as you really don't need to know anything about flowers ...that's what your florist is for! What is best for you to do is show your florist the style and type of designs you like and from this your florist will be able to gauge what flowers will work for your day. We send our couples a style guide, showing them the type of flowers that are in season for their day. If you have over a year before your day then pop into your local florists around the time of your wedding date to get a look at what is in season. If you want to learn a bit about what flowers are in season then take a look at our Seasonality Guide-link is below!

Seasonality Guide
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