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Your Guide To Bridal Bouquet Styles

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Posy, Shower, Asymmetrical, Hand-tied...with so many choices to choose from how do you pick one that's right for you? Brides started carrying flowers for many reasons. From banishing evil spirits in the middle ages, to helping mask any unpleasant smells when baths were a yearly event in the 15th century! Thankfully these reasons are a thing of the past but holding flowers is still an important part of the wedding look.

It's also imporatant to know that wedding bouquets are not only for Brides and people wearing dresses. If you are having a same sex wedding then why not consider one of you or both holding a bouquet?

As a important part of your wedding look researching a little into what designs you like can help with choosing your bouquet style. Your florist will be able to help guide you in the best design but here are the most popular styles of wedding bouquets.

Hand Tied

The hand tied bouquet is the most popular of designs for bouquets. From compact to wild and loose, handtied bouquets are created by spiralling the stems to create a structured fan effect. There are lots of different designs for this style so below are the 3 most popular.


Loose and Natural Hand Tied

The wild and natural look is becoming more popular among couples and one we get asked to design most often. Flower heavy, using a mixture of blooms and foliage at different heights to create a more natural looking style and it suits all dress styles.

Wild and Organic

The emphasis for these design are wild! Wildflowers such as Cosmos, Clematis, Dill and Astrantia are perfect for a completely organic look, paired with lush, free flowing foliages. If you are after natural look this is the bouquet for you!

Round Hand Tied

A good design if you are after a more compact style to the loose designs above but still want your bouquet to look natural. The round hand tied uses a variety of flowers and foliage but designed to create a round effect using a variety of textures and colours.

Bridal bouquet Devon

Compact and Neat Hand Tied

Round and compact with very little or no foliage. Ideal for a bride who wants a no fuss, clean style bouquet. Normally consisting of one or two types of flowers, such as Roses, Peonies or Hydrangeas that are tightly styled, creating a beautiful dome effect and bound with ribbon.



The posy bouquet is a classic shape and the smallest of designs. It's a popular choice for Bridesmaids and Flower girls, usually created with the same flowers as the bridal bouquet but smaller. It can be great as a bridal bouquet too if you are petite, on a budget or have an intricate dress where you want to keep your flowers understated.

Bridal bouquet wedding flowers devon


Another design that is becoming increasing popular by adding in defining flowers to accentuate its design and shape. By using the flowers natural movements and carefully selecting blooms that will define its outline, this style creates a more unusual shape that steers away from symmetry.

Bridal bouquet wedding flowers devon


Very fashionable in the 70's and 80's, shower bouquets are making a comeback. These cascading bouquets compliment traditional dresses and weddings going for a very elegant feel. A waterfall of flowers creates a tapered effect at the front of the bouquet. These designs can either be naturally created, using flowers that organically fall to create that drop for a more relaxed, modern look, or for a neater look, the flowers are wired to create a defined shower shape. If you are after the neater effect then normally each flower is individually wired and styled to create the look. This can take a florist between 2-3 hours to create so expect to pay slightly more.

Bridal bouquet devon wedding florists

Long Stemmed

Featuring long stems and a 'just picked', meadow style, this boho style bouquet is great for showing off longer flowers such as Delphiniums, Lupins and Astilbe. Perfect for rustic, barn and outside weddings that are becoming more popular. They suit flowing, boho dresses.

Cornwall wedding flowers

Single Stemmed Bouquet

This style of bouquet is often popular as a bridesmaid bouquet by picking a single bloom and creating a simple bouquet. However if you are after a clean bridal bouquet this may be a good option for you. The most popular flower for this style is a Rose but for something a little different and more natural why not choose Astilbe, Delphiniums or Lisianthius for a softer, wilder look.

Bridal bouquet devon

The Unusual

Fancy something a little different? Why not play around with unusal colours (such as the brown roses in this bouquet!) or textures. When it comes to your wedding flowers, why not throw away the rule book and ask for something completely different. We have been lucky enough to create some wild and wonderful designs so let your imagination run wild! From bouquets featuring pom poms and mini pineapples, to vegetable bouquets, all foliage bouquets and larger than life bouquets to set off a simple dress.

Bridal Bouquet Dorset

Foliage bridal bouquet devon


Think Proteas, Anthuriums, Heliconias and Gingers with large, structured leaves. You can still add wildness with free flowing foliage and flowers but one thing is certain, tropical flowers always add a big impact. Exotic blooms tend to be more expensive but as they are normally larger flowers you tend to not need as many as a traditional bouquet.

Tropical Bridal Bouquet Somerset

Top Tip: Look after your bouquet on your day by having a vase of water ready at the reception to pop it in. Ask one of your bridesmaids in advance to make sure it goes in water so you can enjoy it for the days after. Why not have vases ready for the bridesmaids bouquets too and these can double up as decoration for your cake or card and present table.


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