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Our Top Tips For Your Wedding Flowers

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Throw away the 'rule' book!

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes these days. When it comes to your flowers in particular don't get caught up on making sure you x, y and z designs. There are no real rules. If you want one large installation and no bouquets, then you can have it! It is your wedding and up to you how you style your day.

Your budget

Be open with us about your budget and we can help suggest which designs are worth having for your day. We can provide guidance and ways of making the most of your money and which pieces are worth investing in for your day. Typically, the flowers will make up around 10% of your wedding budget. We often find it is worth investing in a few select pieces and leaving all the little details to rest. Most of our couples let us have free reign over the selection of the blooms, as long as we stick to their colour scheme-meaning they are getting the most stunning selection for their money.

Remember it's a celebration you're planning

Planning a wedding can be stressful at times so try and keep in mind that it's a joyful day you are planning. If it does start to feel overwhelming, look at ways you can simplify so you can enjoy the planning as well as the day itself.

Be open to flowers and colours

By being open to different flowers in the season and having a few select blooms you love will ensure you get the best selection of flowers. Don't shy away from adding different tones of your colour scheme into your flowers, this will add depth and interest to the overall look. We are happy to provide different colour boards to see the range of colours that are available.

You don’t need to know anything about flowers

Seriously, you do not need to know anything about flowers to order them! That’s because we are the flower experts and here to help you along the way. It can be helpful to know what you don’t like more than what you do love as the flowers we have available at our fingertips is huge! If you do want to do some research into flowers then have a look at our Seasonality Guide or pop into the shop to browse what flowers are in season when you are getting married.

Don't be afraid to ask

Ask us anything! We will be able to explore your options with you and have honest conversations with you about what you want. Our job is to be able to give you options, offer advice, answer questions and help style your day.

Floral Design is an art

Be open to different ideas and flowers. We find it best to provide us with a few choice photos for reference that help show your likes and dislikes and let us come up with floral magic for your day!

Flowers for a Church Ceremony

Church ceremony flowers sometimes work differently to venue ceremonies, depending on the church. Sometimes the Church will have a preferred Church florist they only work with and some ask you to leave a floral design for their Sunday service. If you are unsure ask your Church and they will be able to advise you.


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